Workshop 2 - Jubilee Wharf Gallery

We are a vibrant workshop and gallery that has expanded and developed, establishing Jubilee Wharf on the artistic map! Visit our inspiring Gallery and meet the makers at work. For more details contact Maya 07877316401 or visit Jubilee Wharf Gallery's website.

Jubilee Wharf Gallery

Maya Ullman

Maya Ullman / / 07877316401

Maya Ullman specializes in creating exquisite handcrafted jewellery designed by using the finest freshwater pearls, gemstones and silver. The jewellery has a timeless quality and vintage feel matched only by the care and attention to detail in every piece.

You are always invited to visit our studio at Jubilee Wharf where you can view our collections or commission Maya to produce a bespoke piece of jewellery made to your own requirements.

Twitter: @mayaull
Instagram:  Maya Ullman

Joanna Bury - Jewellery

Designing jewellery inspired by tattooing and body adornment.  Visit her website for more -  Joanna's exhibition runs 10 - 3 everyday (apart from Sunday!).

Heidi Ball - Illustrator & Writer

Creating contemporary compositions with hand-drawn designs and collaged imagery, balancing the fun of the creations with nostalgic references.  And working on a feast of fictional narratives.

Twitter: @FountainWren

Claire Thorp - Mixed media artist

Claire sources old pieces of jewellery and ceramics and breathes new life into them, proving that one person's rubbbish is another person's treasure.

Instagram: picapica_design