Workshop 2 - Jubilee Wharf Gallery

We are a vibrant shared workshop and gallery which has expanded and developed over the years, establishing Jubilee Wharf on the artistic map. Run by Maya Ullman, the gallery is a platform for the makers working in the adjoining studio space to display and promote their work. Come visit us and meet the makers at work. For all enquiries please contact Maya (see details below).


T: 07877316401
FB: jubileewharfgallery
Insta: @jubileewharfgallery

Gallery Members

Maya Ullman - Jewellery and Fine Art

Maya's jewellery is all bespoke and handmade with precious metals, gemstones and pearls. Her art work includes etching of Cornish landscapes and portraiture with a strong link between the two.

T: 07877316401
Twitter: @mayaull
Instagram:  Maya Ullman

Claire Thorp - Mixed media artist

Claire sources old pieces of jewellery and ceramics and breathes new life into them, proving that one person's rubbbish is another person's treasure.

Instagram: @picapica_design
Etsy: picapicadesignco

Juliet Barratt - Bridal accessories and Illustration

Juliet's background is in hand embroidery, beadwork and printed fabrics for the fashion industry. She now creates hand made bridal accessories alongside a collection of illustrations and prints. The repetitive patterns and shapes found in nature inspire her work, both embroidered and drawn.

Instagram: @juliet.barratt
Etsy: julietSbarratt

Clare Parker - Contemporary Craft and Prints

Producing work in a range of materials to include photography, prints, silver clay and sea glass jewellery. Her work is a visual response to the environment in which she lives in. A particular recurring theme throughout the various disciplines she now uses, is that of small detail, focusing on pattern, shape and colour which might otherswise be missed.

Instagram: @seapeadesigns
T: 07801 720932

Saskia Sichermann - Creative Visual Maker – Photography and Films

An independent photographer and filmmaker with a passion for nature, humans and the connection between the two. Using her photographic skills and crafts to produce beautifully designed booklets that educate the viewer about the natural world and encourage readers to make small improvements for a healthier connection with their environment.

Her simple photography combined with typography and graphic design give the basic information needed to make a start on cooking and gardening and encourage to keep at it even if mistakes happen.

T: 07415 839879