About the Building

Jubilee Wharf is an award winning development with a mixture of housing, workshops, offices and a children's nursery. Community creation & revitalisation - a hub for craft makers, quality childcare onsite from Jumblies Nursery, health & fitness classes, café for socialising. Keeping it local - with good public transport links, Jubilee Wharf is nestled in the heart of Penryn making pedestrian access easy.

Built using pioneering techniques of eco-development, and designed by Bill Dunster of ZED Factory, Jubilee Wharf tries to foster community through the range of activities that take place here, within a building that aims to reduce its resource consumption without compromise to the quality of living environment. We think we have succeeded, but here are what others have been saying:
"In fact the brand new Jubilee Wharf might well be the greenest British building to date." Jonathan Glancey, The Guardian
"A model for other developments.English Nature
"Innovative...resulting from a contemporary approach clearly derived from the historical character of the area.English Heritage

In 2011 we installed photovoltaic panels at Jubilee Wharf, making the building even more environmentally-friendly. The panels will mean the residents of the flats get even lower electricity bills, a great result for those lucky tenants who already have extremely low running costs in this highly-insulated and efficient modern building.

We have:

  • Super insulation - 300mm insulation reduces energy consumption to less than half a conventional building. The starting point for eco-construction.
  • Onsite micro generation - 4 x 6KW Proven wind turbines - energy generation is about doing what you can, where you happen to be.
  • Solar panels - evacuated tubes for water heating, with provision for photovoltaic cells to be fitted later,
  • The photovoltaic panels recently installed will produce a maximum of 500kw hours/year for each flat. That's a total of 3,400kw hours/year. This will make a total annual carbon saving of just under 2 tons.
  • Bio-mass heating - underfloor heating and hot water from a 75KW wood pellet boiler
  • Natural ventilation - wind cowls ventilate without the need for electric fans - heat exchangers recover up to 70% heat loss. A healthy building without draughts.
  • Reduced water consumption - low flush toilets, aerated taps, grade A consumption appliances
  • Low VCO paints, low formaldehyde floor coverings, natural fibres and surfaces, PVC only where unavoidable - a healthy environment
  • Using local & reclaimed materials - old floorboards, granite, Cornish cedar cladding and larch soffits, even some unused windows from BedZed!



We have six flats at Jubilee Wharf. If you are interested in finding out more about the flats please email us at using the contact form below.


The Brain of Brian at Jubilee WharfAs part of the community at Jubilee Wharf we have several moorings on the wharf.  The Brain of Brian, Robotmother's office, is moored alongside the wind turbines at Jubilee Wharf.

Follow the link to find out more - Brain of Brian.

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Is this the greenest place to live in Britain? Article in The Guardian by Jonathon Glancey 11/01/2007

Jubilee Wharf: The greenest housing in Britain?  Treehugger article 02/05/2007

BBC Learning Zone Class Clips First broadcast in Countryfile in October 2004.

For more information contact us using the contact form below.