On the Water - Agnes

Luke Powell's 46' pilot cutter Agnes is moored on the quay at Jubilee Wharf.

Built to lines of the original Agnes of 1841, the top pilot cutter from the Isles of Scilly, who had a long working life ending as the last cutter to work out of the Isles of Scilly under Captain Stephen Jenkins whose grandsons Alf and Barry launched Agnes in May 2003. She has proven to be an extremely fast vessel and light on the helm.

She first went across the Atlantic, but has now returned to the UK and is now kept by Working Sail. She is a demonstration vessel to give customers a chance to experience the real thing. During summer months she also sails to all the festivals and races to fly the flag, and shows the other boat how it's done.

With a lifetime of experience in boatbuilding Luke Powell runs Working Sail, established in 1994. Luke now employs a crew of shipwrights to help him create these fine vessels. He has surrounded himself in an environment of nineteenth-century wood and sail and spends all his time either designing, building or sailing his cutters

For more information visit the working sail website.  To contact Luke Powell use the contact form below.