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RobotMother is the private company responsible for developing and managing Jubilee Wharf. Andrew Marston is the father of RobotMother.  Our office is on The Brain of Brian - that rather special barge currently moored along the quayside near Miss Peapods Cafe.

You can call RobotMother on 01326 374960, email us using the contact form below, or write to us at:
RobotMother Ltd
Jubilee Wharf
Commercial Road
Penryn TR10 8FG


As a carbon-neutral building we encourage people to think twice before jumping in their car to get here. 

Bus Routes via Penryn and Frequency

All the above bus routes stop outside Exchequer Quay

Trains from Penryn Station

There is a regular service running from Truro to Falmouth, with 29 trains a day in each direction.

Penryn to Truro trains run from 06:45 - 21:43
Penryn to Falmouth trains run from 06:18 – 22.22

By Car
If you must come by car, there are carparks at Commercial Road (limited); Exchequer Quay (limited), Job Centre (£4/day) and Permarin (free).  At the weekends parking on Commerical Road is free.

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